Hypothalamic atrial natriuretic peptide and secretion of oxytocin.

  title={Hypothalamic atrial natriuretic peptide and secretion of oxytocin.},
  author={Rosengela S Chriguer and Maria Jos{\'e} Alves da Rocha and Jose Antunes-Rodrigues and Celso Rodrigues Franci},
  journal={Brain research},
  volume={889 1-2},
Our study corroborated previous findings on the distribution of ANP and co-localization of ANP and OT in hypothalamic magnocellular neurons. We detected ANP/OT in smaller cells which apparently corresponded to parvocellular neurons and additionally a massive group of ANP immunoreactive fibers from periventricular regions to the median eminence, here closely… CONTINUE READING