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Hypotensive, vasorelaxant and cardiodepressant activities of the ethanol extract of Sideritis raeseri spp. raeseri Boiss & Heldr.

  title={Hypotensive, vasorelaxant and cardiodepressant activities of the ethanol extract of Sideritis raeseri spp. raeseri Boiss \& Heldr.},
  author={Dusanka Kitic and S. Brankovi{\'c} and Mirjana Radenkovi{\'c} and Katarina {\vS}avikin and Gordana Zduni{\'c} and Biljana N Koci{\'c} and Radmila Veli{\vc}kovi{\'c}-Radovanovi{\'c}},
  journal={Journal of physiology and pharmacology : an official journal of the Polish Physiological Society},
  volume={63 5},
Sideritis raeseri spp. raeseri Boiss & Heldr is a native plant from the Mediterranean region that is used due to its medicinal and culinary properties. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of ethanol extract of S. raeseri on the blood pressure, vascular and cardiac contractions. Arterial blood pressure was registered directly from the carotid artery in the anaesthetized rabbits. Aortic rings and the spontaneously beating atria were mounted in tissue bath. An intravenous injection… 

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Insight into the Mechanisms Underlying the Tracheorelaxant Properties of the Sideritis raeseri Extract

The data suggest that the tracheorelaxant effect of the SRE is mediated at least partly by NO/cyclic guanosine monophosphate and cyclooxygenase-1-prostaglandin E2-dependent signaling, and indicates that the S RE may be used in various respiratory disorders.

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Vasodilating, spasmolytic, inotropic and chronotropic activities of curcuminoids from Curcuma longa in isolated organ preparations of guinea pigs.

Interestingly, ferulic acid, feruloyl methane and vanillin demonstrated no pharmacologicical activity at all in the various isolated organs, while curcumin and bisdemethoxycurcumin showed high uptake into the various tissues where concentrations correlated with pharmacological activity.

Traditional uses, chemical composition and biological activities of Sideritis raeseri Boiss. & Heldr.

The review details the chemical composition of the essential oil, its mineral and polyphenol contents, the naming of these plants and their physicochemical characterisation, and the nuclear magnetic resonance spectral data and biological properties associated with the plant extracts, with a focus on their potential chemotherapeutic applications.

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The most effective dose of Stachys lavandulifolia is 75 mg/kg, which has a strong potential in neuroprotection and stroke prevention.



Spasmolytic activity of the ethanol extract of Sideritis raeseri spp. raeseri Boiss. & Heldr. on the isolated rat ileum contractions.

The results show that the ethanol extract of S. raeseri can produce inhibition of the the spontaneous rat ileum contractions and contractions induced by different spasmogens, which justifies its use in gastrointestinal disorders.

Antihypertensive actions of methylripariochromene A from Orthosiphon aristatus, an Indonesian traditional medicinal plant.

It is presumed that the traditional use of this plant in the therapy of hypertension may be partially supported by these actions related to antihypertensive activity with MRC, i.e. vasodilating action, a decrease in cardiac output and diuretic action.

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The results suggested that a direct Ca2+ antagonism of L-type VDCC in vascular smooth muscle may account, at least in part, for the hypotensive action of S-petasin.

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Evidence is evidence for an additive effect between levosimendan and valsartan on blood pressure and a blood pressure-dependent protection against the development of salt-induced target organ damage and correct diastolic dysfunction induced by salt-dependent hypertension.