[Hypotension in the very preterm infant].


One out of four very preterm infants will present with circulatory maladaptation during the first two days of life, with an increased risk of early complications and long term sequelae. Appreciation of those transitional difficulties cannot be limited to blood pressure. Assesment of blood pressure itself must be done in relation with gestational age and birth weight adapted norms. The effects of therapies for low systemic blood flow on blood pressure, organs and cerebral circulations are better understood, but none of them has assessed for mortality or neurodevelopmental outcomes.

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@article{Rigo2007HypotensionIT, title={[Hypotension in the very preterm infant].}, author={Vincent Rigo and Ph Beauduin and Jacques Rigo}, journal={Revue médicale de Liège}, year={2007}, volume={62 2}, pages={86-93} }