Hypophysectomy mitigates skeletal muscle fiber damage in hamster dystrophy.


Ablation of the pituitary gland by a radiofrequency lesion markedly retarded the musculoskeletal growth of young dystrophic hamsters. The prevalence of centronucleated muscle fibers, which is a reliable cumulative index of the microscopic pathological expression of dystrophy, was drastically reduced in quadriceps muscles of 35- and 45-day-old hypophysectomized dystrophic hamsters, compared with sham-operated controls. Mitigation of skeletal muscle fiber damage by musculoskeletal growth retardation may also occur in human dystrophy.


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@article{Karpati1985HypophysectomyMS, title={Hypophysectomy mitigates skeletal muscle fiber damage in hamster dystrophy.}, author={George Karpati and P. Philip Jacob and Susan G. Carpenter and Sylvie Prescott}, journal={Annals of neurology}, year={1985}, volume={17 1}, pages={60-4} }