Hypophosphatemic Rickets: Unraveling the Role of FGF23

  title={Hypophosphatemic Rickets: Unraveling the Role of FGF23},
  author={John M Pettifor and Kebashni Thandrayen},
  journal={Calcified Tissue International},
The classification of the various forms of hypophosphatemic rickets has been rationalized by the discovery of the central role that fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23) plays in the pathogenesis of a number of genetic and acquired forms of the disease. Although the details of the interaction of FGF23 with other osteoblast/osteocyte-derived proteins remain unclear at present, the measurement of circulating levels of FGF23 appears to be a useful biochemical test in determining the various causes… CONTINUE READING