Hypoosmotic adaptation in Rhizobium meliloti requires beta-(1----2)-glucan.

  title={Hypoosmotic adaptation in Rhizobium meliloti requires beta-(1----2)-glucan.},
  author={T Dylan and D. R. Helinski and Gary S. Ditta},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={172 3},
beta-(1----2)-Glucan, an unusual cyclic oligosaccharide, can be isolated from the periplasm of bacteria belonging to the family Rhizobiaceae. Data presented here suggest that the periplasmic beta-(1----2)-glucan of Rhizobium meliloti plays a major role in osmotic adaptation. First, growth of R. meliloti in a low-osmolarity medium causes a large accumulation of periplasmic beta-(1----2)-glucan. Second, mutations in the ndv genes, which prevent this accumulation of beta-(1----2)-glucan, reduce… CONTINUE READING

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