Hypolipidemic effects of hickory nut oil using cold pressure extraction

  title={Hypolipidemic effects of hickory nut oil using cold pressure extraction},
  author={Yan Zhang and Liying Wu and Zhixin Yao and Zhongsu Ma and Jingbo Liu},
  journal={Food Science and Biotechnology},
Optimal conditions of hickory nut oil cold press technology were studied. L9(34) orthogonal experiment results showed that optimal conditions were a pressing pressure of 15 MPa, pressing temperature of 50°C, pressing cycle of 4 s, and stop cycle of 9 s. Fatty acid compositions were determined using GC-MS and hypolipidemic effects in mice were investigated. Compared to a high fat diet group, hickory nut oil administration decreased serum and visceral total cholesterol, triacylglycerol, and serum… CONTINUE READING


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