Hypoglycemic seizures during transient hypoglycemia exacerbate hippocampal dysfunction

  title={Hypoglycemic seizures during transient hypoglycemia exacerbate hippocampal dysfunction},
  author={Peter A. Abdelmalik and Patrick Shannon and Adelaide P. Yiu and Philip Liang and Peter L. Carlen},
  journal={Neurobiology of Disease},
Severe hypoglycemia constitutes a medical emergency, involving seizures, coma and death. We hypothesized that seizures, during limited substrate availability, aggravate hypoglycemia-induced brain damage. Using immature isolated, intact hippocampi and frontal neocortical blocks subjected to low glucose perfusion, we characterized hypoglycemic (neuroglycopenic) seizures in vitro during transient hypoglycemia and their effects on synaptic transmission and glycogen content. Hippocampal hypoglycemic… CONTINUE READING


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