Hypoglycemia, diabetes therapies and driving categories in type 2 diabetes.


OBJECTIVE To assess the experiences of hypoglycemia in drivers with type 2 diabetes according to types of diabetes treatment; to determine experiences in different driving groups; and to ascertain whether UK-based Driving and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) guidance concerning hypoglycemia and driving is understood. Research, design, and methods: An online questionnaire was sent to UK drivers with type 2 diabetes between June and September 2014. Study limitations included selection bias inherent in online surveys, and lack of validation of the definition of hypoglycemic symptoms by an expert patient group. RESULTS The survey was completed by 1569 (457 social, 590 commuters, and 522 business/work) drivers. Vocational drivers were more likely to be treated with an insulin secretagogue (sulfonylureas and glinides) (52%) than diet alone (18%), a non-insulin secretagogue (26%) or insulin (16%). Symptoms of hypoglycemia (both mild and severe) were reported by 62% of the total cohort in the past year. Risk was greatest in those with poor diabetes self-management behavior and those receiving an insulin secretagogue. Among the 1112 respondents commuting or driving for a living, 16.8% had poor, 49.6% average, and 33.6% good diabetes self-management. Poor self-management was more frequent among vocational drivers and those receiving insulin secretagogues. Following a hypoglycemic episode, only 24% of insulin-secretagogue-treated drivers and 39% of insulin-treated drivers would discontinue driving for the DVLA-recommended 45 minutes. Insulin-treated drivers were best informed about diabetes and driving. Healthcare providers were the preferred source of information on driving and diabetes for 78% of drivers. CONCLUSION Hypoglycemia risk is highest among drivers with poor diabetes self-management, those commuting or driving for a living and those taking insulin secretagogues. There is an educational need for all drivers concerning driving and hypoglycemia.

DOI: 10.1185/03007995.2016.1155981

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