Hypocholesterolaemic effect of fenugreek seeds in dogs.

  title={Hypocholesterolaemic effect of fenugreek seeds in dogs.},
  author={G{\'e}rard Valette and Yves Sauvaire and J. C. Baccou and G{\'e}rard Ribes},
  volume={50 1},
Fractions of fenugreek seed were added to the diet of normal or diabetic hypercholesterolaemic dogs for 8 days. The effects on levels of blood glucose, plasma glucagon and plasma cholesterol were investigated. The lipid extract had no effect. The defatted fraction which is rich in fibres (53.9%) and contains 4.8% of steroid saponins significantly lowered basal blood glucose (P less than 0.02), plasma glucagon (P less than 0.01) and plasma cholesterol (P less than 0.02) levels in normal dogs… CONTINUE READING


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