Hyperuricosuria in children: clinical presentation and natural history.

  title={Hyperuricosuria in children: clinical presentation and natural history.},
  author={Angela La Manna and Cesare Polito and Antonio Marte and Antonio Iovene and Rosanna Di Toro},
  volume={107 1},
OBJECTIVE Idiopathic hyperuricosuria (HU) was previously reported in only a limited number of children with hematuria. We aimed to outline the clinical presentation and natural history of HU not only in children with hematuria, but also in those with dysuria and/or recurrent abdominal/flank pain and a family history of urolithiasis. STUDY DESIGN Retrospective analysis of data at diagnosis from 102 consecutive children with HU and outcome analysis of 26 of them who were followed >/=1 years… CONTINUE READING
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