Hypertrophy of intestinal smooth muscle in cats.

  title={Hypertrophy of intestinal smooth muscle in cats.},
  author={Giuliano Bettini and M Muracchini and Leonardo Della Salda and Rosario Preziosi and Maria Cristina Morini and Cristina Guglielmini and Valeria Sanguinetti and Paolo Stefano Marcato},
  journal={Research in veterinary science},
  volume={75 1},
Pathological findings of four cats with severe and diffuse smooth muscle hypertrophy of the small intestine (MHSI) are reported and compared to those of five cats with segmental MHSI secondary to neoplastic obstruction and four controls. Histology demonstrated a constant association between idiopathic MHSI and submucosal fibrosis and chronic lymphoplasmacytic enteritis. Morphometry (gut diameter, thickness and area of muscular layers, number and density of smooth muscle nuclei) and MIB-1… CONTINUE READING

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