Hypertrophic scar in a dog: histological and clinical features.

  title={Hypertrophic scar in a dog: histological and clinical features.},
  author={Giancarlo Avallone and Martina Bonaldi and Mario Caniatti and Rocco Lombardo},
  journal={Veterinary dermatology},
  volume={22 4},
An adult male bullmastiff dog was treated for paraparesis and ataxia due to discospondylitis and disc herniation. At this time, the dog had a nonhealing ulcer between the pads of the left hindfoot. At re-evaluation, the dog had developed a large exophitic mass in the previously ulcerated area. Cytological examination revealed occasional spindle cells with mild atypia, and a soft tissue tumour was suspected. The mass was excised and submitted for histology. The lesion was characterized by… CONTINUE READING