Hyperthyroidism and concurrent thyroid malignancies.

  title={Hyperthyroidism and concurrent thyroid malignancies.},
  author={Robert Rieger and Wolfgang Pimpl and Samuel Money and Lukas Rettenbacher and Guenther Galvan},
  volume={106 1},
In a 17-year period 1848 patients with hyperthyroidism were operated on. Fourteen (0.76%) had a coexisting thyroid malignancy. Preoperative scintiscan and pathologic diagnoses were compared: 10 malignancies were in cold nodules, two were unidentifiable preoperatively due to small size, and two were in hot areas. Five patients had papillary cancer, four follicular, three anaplastic, and two medullary. Patients with uninodular toxic goiter had a low rate of associated malignancy (0.27%, 3/1108… CONTINUE READING