Hypertexturing complex volume objects


This paper will examine hypertexture rendering techniques and will demonstrate how volume data sets may be adapted in order for hypertexture to be applied. Details are given of a process for the conversion of complex objects, such as CT scans, into accurate distance fields. Hypertexture is applied to these objects and example renderings include the UNC CThead, a chess piece, a dodecahedron and a tank. Additional information is given about soft objects, density modulation functions, ray marching and controlling hypertexture application.

DOI: 10.1007/s003710100143

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@article{Satherley2001HypertexturingCV, title={Hypertexturing complex volume objects}, author={Richard Satherley and Mark W. Jones}, journal={The Visual Computer}, year={2001}, volume={18}, pages={226-235} }