Hypertension in early alcohol withdrawal in chronic alcoholics.

  title={Hypertension in early alcohol withdrawal in chronic alcoholics.},
  author={Mauro Ceccanti and Guido Francesco Sasso and Roberto Nocente and Genoveffa Balducci and Adele Prastaro and C Ticchi and Giuliano Bertazzoni and Patrizia Santini and Maria Luisa Attilia},
  journal={Alcohol and alcoholism},
  volume={41 1},
AIMS Hypertension is an established risk factor in chronic alcoholics, but little is known about the relationship between blood pressure (BP), severity of their alcohol abuse, and severity of alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS). METHOD BP was assessed daily for 18 days in a series of chronic alcoholics on early alcohol withdrawal (AW), while also assessing the severity of their AWS on the CIWA-Ar scale. RESULTS A sharp and sustained decrease in BP was observed after AW; at T0, BP had… CONTINUE READING


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