Hypertension: salt restriction, sodium homeostasis, and other ions.

  title={Hypertension: salt restriction, sodium homeostasis, and other ions.},
  author={Neeru Gupta and Kishan Kumar Jani and Nivedita Gupta},
  journal={Indian journal of medical sciences},
  volume={65 3},
Salt is composed of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) which in body water becomes essential electrolytes, viz., Sodium (Na⁺) and Chloride (Cl⁻) ions, including in the blood and other extracellular fluids (ECF). Na⁺ ions are necessary cations in muscle contractions and their depletion will effect all the muscles in body including smooth muscle contraction of blood vessels, a fact which is utilized in lowering the blood pressure. Na⁺ ions also hold water with them in the ECF. Na⁺ homeostasis in body is… CONTINUE READING