Hypersurfaces of Spinc Manifolds and Lawson Type Correspondence

  title={Hypersurfaces of Spinc Manifolds and Lawson Type Correspondence},
  author={Roger Nakad and Julien Roth},
  journal={Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry},
  • Roger NakadJ. Roth
  • Published 14 March 2012
  • Mathematics
  • Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry
Simply connected three-dimensional homogeneous manifolds $${\mathbb{E}(\kappa, \tau)}$$, with four-dimensional isometry group, have a canonical Spinc structure carrying parallel or Killing spinors. The restriction to any hypersurface of these parallel or Killing spinors allows to characterize isometric immersions of surfaces into $${\mathbb{E}(\kappa, \tau)}$$. As application, we get an elementary proof of a Lawson type correspondence for constant mean curvature surfaces in $${\mathbb{E}(\kappa… 

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