Hyperspaces and the S-equivariant Complete Invariance Property

  title={Hyperspaces and the S-equivariant Complete Invariance Property},
  author={S. C. Maury},
  journal={Kyungpook Mathematical Journal},
  • S. C. Maury
  • Published 2015
  • Mathematics
  • Kyungpook Mathematical Journal
In this paper it is investigated as to when a nonempty invariant closed subset A of a -space X containing the set of stationary points (S) can be the fixed point set of an equivariant continuous selfmap on X and such space X is said to possess the S-equivariant complete invariance property (S-ECIP). It is also shown that if X is a metric space and acts on by the action , where p, and , then the hyperspace of all nonempty compact subsets of has the S-ECIP.