Hypersensitivity of a human tumour cell line to very low radiation doses.

  title={Hypersensitivity of a human tumour cell line to very low radiation doses.},
  author={Ph. Lambin and Brian Marples and Bernard Fertil and E. P. Malaise and Michael C. Joiner},
  journal={International journal of radiation biology},
  volume={63 5},
Survival of HT29 cells was measured after irradiation with single doses of X-rays (0.05-5 Gy) and neutrons (0.025-1.5 Gy), using a Dynamic Microscopic Imaging Processing Scanner (DMIPS) with which individual cells can be accurately located in tissue culture flasks, their positions recorded, and after an appropriate incubation time the recorded positions revisited to allow the scoring of survivors. The response over the X-ray dose range 2-5 Gy showed a good fit to a Linear-Quadratic (LQ) model… CONTINUE READING


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