Hyperprolactinaemia - a risperidone side-effect.

  title={Hyperprolactinaemia - a risperidone side-effect.},
  author={Tanja Grahovac and Klementina Ru{\vz}i{\'c} and Paola Medved and Aristea Pavesi{\'c}-Radonja and Elizabeta Dadi{\'c}-Hero},
  journal={Psychiatria Danubina},
  volume={22 1},
A 47 year old patient has been treated for psychotic depression for the last 5 years. The illness began manifesting through the symptoms of depressive thoughts, intrapsychic tension, projectivity, derealisation phenomena and pre-psychotic fears. She was treated with a combination of antidepressives, anxiolitics and hypnotics in ambulatory conditions. The therapy applied did not obtain the effects expected due to which an atypical antipsychotic was administered subsequently - risperidone, a 2 mg… CONTINUE READING