Hyperphosphorylation of nucleoplasmin facilitates Xenopus sperm decondensation at fertilization.

  title={Hyperphosphorylation of nucleoplasmin facilitates Xenopus sperm decondensation at fertilization.},
  author={Gregory H. Leno and Anthony D. Mills and Anna Philpott and Ronald A. Laskey},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={271 13},
Previous studies showed that the nuclear phosphoprotein nucleoplasmin performs the first stage of chromatin decondensation of Xenopus sperm at fertilization. It binds and removes sperm basic proteins replacing them with histones. We now show that this activity depends upon the massive hyperphosphorylation of nucleoplasmin that occurs when oocytes mature into eggs. Egg extracts or purified hyperphosphorylated egg nucleoplasmin decondense sperm chromatin and remove sperm basic proteins much… CONTINUE READING

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