Hyperosmotic stress induces cell cycle arrest in retinal pigmented epithelial cells

  title={Hyperosmotic stress induces cell cycle arrest in retinal pigmented epithelial cells},
  author={T. Arsenijevic and Aleksandra Vujovic and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}rick Libert and Anne Op De Beeck and Aline Hebrant and Sandra Janssens and Françoise Gregoire and Anne Lefort and Nargis Bolaky and Jennifer Perret and Laure E Caspers and François Willermain and Christine Delporte},
  booktitle={Cell Death and Disease},
Osmotic changes occur in many tissues and profoundly influence cell function. Herein, we investigated the effect of hyperosmotic stress on retinal pigmented epithelial (RPE) cells using a microarray approach. Upon 4-h exposure to 100 mM NaCl or 200 mM sucrose, 79 genes were downregulated and 72 upregulated. Three gene ontology categories were significantly modulated: cell proliferation, transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter and response to abiotic stimulus. Fluorescent-activated cell… CONTINUE READING


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