Hyperoside from Cystidospermum cheirolepis

  title={Hyperoside from Cystidospermum cheirolepis},
  author={V. I. Litvinenko and R. S. Sabirov and Z. N. Nazirov},
  journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds},
Continuing the elution of the column with 20-30% aqueous ethanol, we obtained an individual substance with the composition C21H20012, mp 238-240°C, [~]~ --36°; R f 0.42 in the 15% acetic acid system and Rf0.70 in the bu tanl -o l -ace t ic ac id -wate r (4 : 1 : 5) system. UV spectrum: ~ max in methanol 255, 265, 300 sh, 355 nm; with sodium acetate and boric acid 395 nm, while with zirconyl chloride and citric acid the shift disappears.