Hyperonization in compact stars

  title={Hyperonization in compact stars},
  author={Armen Sedrakian and Jia-Jie Li and Fridolin Weber},
We review the covariant density functional approach to the equation of state of the dense nuclear matter in compact stars. The main emphasis is on the hyperonization of the dense matter, and the role played by the $\Delta$-resonances. The implications of hyperonization for the astrophysics of compact stars, including the equation of state, composition, and stellar parameters are examined. The mass-radius relation and tidal deformabilities of static and rapidly rotating (Keplerian… 

Equation of State and Composition of Proto-Neutron Stars and Merger Remnants with Hyperons

Finite-temperature equation of state (EoS) and the composition of dense nuclear and hypernuclear matter under conditions characteristic of neutron star binary merger remnants and supernovas are

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Delta-resonances and hyperons in proto-neutron stars and merger remnants

The equation of state (EoS) and composition of dense and hot Δ\documentclass[12pt]{minimal} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{wasysym} \usepackage{amsfonts} \usepackage{amssymb} \usepackage{amsbsy}

Hyperon-rich matter in neutron stars.

It is demonstrated within the mean-field approach that the presence of hyperons inside neutron stars on one hand and the hyperon-hyperon interactions on the other hand make the onset of kaon condensation less favorable.

Hyperons in neutron star matter within relativistic mean-field models

Since the discovery of neutron stars with masses around 2M⊙ the composition of matter in the central part of these massive stars has been intensively discussed. Within this paper we will

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We consider the effect of scalarization on static and slowly rotating neutron stars for a wide variety of realistic equations of state, including pure nuclear matter, nuclear matter with hyperons,

Hyperonic stars and the symmetry energy

In the present study we analyse the effect of the density dependence of the symmetry energy on the hyperonic content of neutron stars within a relativistic mean field description of stellar matter.


Within a density-dependent relativistic mean-field model and using in-medium meson–hadron coupling constants and meson masses, we explore the effects of in-medium hyperon interactions on the

Thermal evolution of relativistic hyperonic compact stars with calibrated equations of state

A set of unified relativistic mean-field equations of state for hyperonic compact stars recently built in [M. Fortin, Ad. R. Raduta, S. Avancini, and C. Providencia, Phys. Rev. D {\bf 101}, 034017

Thermal Evolution of Compact Stars