Hyperlipidaemia in renal transplantation--risk factor for long-term graft outcome.

  title={Hyperlipidaemia in renal transplantation--risk factor for long-term graft outcome.},
  author={Em{\"o}ke M Dim{\'e}ny and J. A. Wahlberg and Hans 0. Lithell and Bengt Fellstr{\"o}m},
  journal={European journal of clinical investigation},
  volume={25 8},
The role of hyperlipidaemia for the outcome of renal transplantation was evaluated in a prospective study involving 151 patients. Graft losses were associated with more pronounced pre-transplant lipid abnormalities. An increased risk of graft loss during the first two post-transplant years was found in patients with marked pre-transplant hypercholesterolaemia (> or = 6.9 mmol L-1, P = 0.014; relative risk 2.2). Hypercholesterolaemia > or = 6.9 mmol L-1 at 6 months after transplantation, present… CONTINUE READING
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