Hyperlactataemia and metabolic acidosis following paracetamol overdose.

  title={Hyperlactataemia and metabolic acidosis following paracetamol overdose.},
  author={Trevor A Gray and Brendan M. Buckley and John Allister Vale},
  journal={The Quarterly journal of medicine},
  volume={65 246},
Plasma lactate concentrations and acid-base status were determined in 53 patients poisoned with paracetamol. Eleven patients (Group 1) had plasma paracetamol concentrations below the standard treatment decision line; 19 cases (Group 2) presenting within 15 h of overdose had plasma paracetamol concentrations above the treatment line and received N-acetylcysteine. The remaining 23 patients (Group 3) arrived at hospital too late (more than 15 h after overdose) for treatment with N-acetylcysteine… CONTINUE READING


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