[Hyperinsulinemia in obesity: significance of adipose tissue cell size].


Adipose tissue biopsy and an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) (50 g) were performed in 17 non-hyperlipoproteinemic subjects without overt diabetes mellitus. All the persons were weight stable at the time of investigation. A significant correlation between fasting insulin concentration and the mean adipocyte size was observed, whereas no correlation was noted between the ideal body weight index and fasting insulin level. Persons with larger adipocytes had elevated insulin levels as well as higher and longer lasting increments following the glucose challenge. They also exhibited significantly higher mean glucose levels during the OGTT. When these patients were matched for glucose tolerance with the subgroup having smaller mean adipocyte sizes, the difference in insulin levels was still demonstrable. The importance of adipose cell enlargement regulating basal and stimulated insulin output is underlined.

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