Hyperinnervation of neuromuscular junctions caused by GDNF overexpression in muscle.

  title={Hyperinnervation of neuromuscular junctions caused by GDNF overexpression in muscle.},
  author={Quyen T X Nguyen and Alexander S. Parsadanian and William D. Snider and Jeff William Lichtman},
  volume={279 5357},
Overexpression of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) by muscle greatly increased the number of motor axons innervating neuromuscular junctions in neonatal mice. The extent of hyperinnervation correlated with the amount of GDNF expressed in four transgenic lines. Overexpression of GDNF by glia and overexpression of neurotrophin-3 and neurotrophin-4 in muscle did not cause hyperinnervation. Thus, increased amounts of GDNF in postsynaptic target cells can regulate the number of… CONTINUE READING

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