Hyperimmune immunoglobulins: Manufacturing technologies and safety procedures

  title={Hyperimmune immunoglobulins: Manufacturing technologies and safety procedures},
  author={N. Marzo and F. Belda and P. Ristol and Maite López and R. Gajardo and J. Jorquera},
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Abstract Instituto Grifols has developed two different sterile and ready to use anti-hepatitis B (anti-HB) enriched immunoglobulin concentrates: Niuliva® is a 5% intravenous immunoglobulin solution with 250 IU/ml anti-HB potency, and Gamma anti-hepatitis B Grifols® (Igantibe®in some countries) is a 16% intramuscular immunoglobulin solution with 200 IU/ml anti-HB potency. The production process includes careful plasma donor selection, analysis to discard specific markers of relevant viral… Expand