Hyperhomocysteinemia and arteriovenous fistula thrombosis in hemodialysis patients.

  title={Hyperhomocysteinemia and arteriovenous fistula thrombosis in hemodialysis patients.},
  author={Francesca Mallamaci and Grazia Bonanno and Giuseppe Seminara and Francesco Rapisarda and Pasquale Mario Fatuzzo and Vincenzo Candela and Paolo Scudo and Belinda Spoto and Alessandra Testa and Giovanni Tripepi and Stat Tech and Carmine Zoccali},
  journal={American journal of kidney diseases : the official journal of the National Kidney Foundation},
  volume={45 4},
BACKGROUND To date, the relationship between vascular access (VA) failure and plasma total homocysteine level has been investigated only in mixed dialysis populations (ie, patients with a native arteriovenous [AV] fistula or arterial graft), whereas almost no data exist for hemodialysis patients with a native AV fistula. METHODS In this prospective cohort… CONTINUE READING