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Hypergraph Tur\'an Problems in $\ell_2$-Norm

  title={Hypergraph Tur\'an Problems in \$\ell\_2\$-Norm},
  author={J{\'o}zsef Balogh and Felix Christian Clemen and Bernard Lidick{\'y}},
There are various different notions measuring extremality of hypergraphs. In this survey we compare the recently introduced notion of the codegree squared extremal function with the Turán function, the minimum codegree threshold and the uniform Turán density. The codegree squared sum co2(G) of a 3-uniform hypergraph G is defined to be the sum of codegrees squared d(x, y)2 over all pairs of vertices x, y. In other words, this is the square of the `2-norm of the codegree vector. We are interested… 

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Exact solution of the hypergraph Turán problem for k-uniform linear paths

The intensive use of the delta-system method is used to determine exk(n, Pℓ(k) exactly for all fixed ℓ ≥1, k≥4, and sufficiently large n, and describe the unique extremal family.

The codegree threshold of $K_4^-$

The codegree threshold ex 2 ( n, F ) of a 3 -graph F is the minimum d = d ( n ) such that every 3 -graph on n vertices in which every pair of vertices is contained in at least d + 1 edges contains a

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The cornerstone of the approach is a quasirandom counting lemma for qu asirandom hypergraphs, which extends the standard count lemma by not only counting copies of a particular configuration but also showing that these copies are evenly distributed.

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The minimum positive co-degree of a non-empty r -graph H , denoted δ + r − 1 ( H ), is the maximum k such that if S is an ( r − 1)-set contained in a hyperedge of H , then S is contained in at least

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For all integers s>3, the codegree density of the complete 3-graph on s vertices K_s satisfies gamma(K_s)\geq 1-1/(s-2), which is the limit of coex(n,F)/(n-2) as n tends to infinity.

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  • R. Baber
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2012
A number of extensions to Razborov's semidefinite flag algebra method are described, including one which can be applied in a more general setting, notably to 3-uniform hypergraphs, to get a new upper bound of 0.5615 for $\pi(K_4^3)$.