Hyperglycemia triggers HIPK2 protein degradation

  title={Hyperglycemia triggers HIPK2 protein degradation},
  author={Silvia Baldari and Alessia Garufi and Marisa Granato and Laura Cuomo and Giuseppa Pistritto and Mara Cirone and G D'orazi},
Homeodomain interacting protein kinase-2 (HIPK2) is an evolutionary conserved kinase that modulates several key molecular pathways to restrain tumor growth and induce p53-depending apoptotic cell-death in response to anticancer therapies. HIPK2 silencing in cancer cells leads to chemoresistance and cancer progression, in part due to p53 inhibition. Recently, hyperglycemia has been shown to reduce p53 phosphorylation at serine 46 (Ser46), the target residue of HIPK2, thus impairing p53 apoptotic… CONTINUE READING