Hyperfibrinogenaemia and hyperviscosity in sickle-cell crisis.

  title={Hyperfibrinogenaemia and hyperviscosity in sickle-cell crisis.},
  author={Stephen G. Richardson and G R Breeze and Jennifer Stuart},
  journal={Journal of clinical pathology},
  volume={29 10},
  • Stephen G. Richardson, G R Breeze, Jennifer Stuart
  • Published 1976
  • Medicine
  • Journal of clinical pathology
  • Plasma fibrinogen concentration and whole-blood viscosity, the latter measured at two shear rates (23 and 230 sec-1), were estimated during eight episodes of sickle-cell crisis and compared with values in 26 sickle-cell anaemia patients who were not in crisis. Painful crisis was associated with a significant increase in both plasma fibrinogen and whole-blood viscosity. Increased fibrinogen-erythrocyte interaction in vivo may be a significant contributory factor to raising blood viscosity and… CONTINUE READING


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