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Hypercontractivity, and Lower Deviation Estimates in Normed Spaces

  title={Hypercontractivity, and Lower Deviation Estimates in Normed Spaces},
  author={Grigoris Paouris and Konstantin E. Tikhomirov and Petros Valettas},
  journal={arXiv: Functional Analysis},
We consider the problem of estimating probabilities of lower deviation $\mathbb P\{\|G\| \leqslant \delta \mathbb E\|G\|\}$ in normed spaces with respect to the Gaussian measure. These estimates occupy central role in the probabilistic study of high-dimensional structures. It has been confirmed in several concrete situations, using ad hoc methods, that lower deviations exhibit very different and more complex behavior than the corresponding upper estimates. A characteristic example of this… 
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On the tightness of Gaussian concentration for convex functions
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    Journal d'Analyse Mathématique
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Ten years ago A. Ehrhard published an important paper, [1], in which he proved that if γn is a gaussian measure on R n, Φ is the normal distribution function, i.e \(\Phi (t)=\frac{1}{\sqrt{2\pi}}\int
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The variance of the $\ell _p^n$-norm of the Gaussian vector, and Dvoretzky’s theorem
Let $n$ be a large integer, and let $G$ be the standard Gaussian vector in $R^n$. Paouris, Valettas and Zinn (2015) showed that for all $p\in[1,c\log n]$, the variance of the $\ell_p^n$--norm of $G$
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