Hyperbaric spinal for elective Cesarean section--ropivacaine vs bupivacaine.

  title={Hyperbaric spinal for elective Cesarean section--ropivacaine vs bupivacaine.},
  author={Osama Al-Abdulhadi and Diane R Biehl and Bill Y Ong and Abdulaziz Mohamed Boker},
  journal={Middle East journal of anaesthesiology},
  volume={19 2},
PURPOSE To compare hyperbaric spinal ropivacaine to hyperbaric spinal bupivacaine for elective cesarean delivery in a prospective, randomized, double blinded study. METHODS With the University Ethics Committee approval, 66 parturients for elective cesarean deliveries received either 15 mg of hyperbaric ropivacaine (N = 33) or 11.25 mg of hyperbaric bupivacaine (N - 33) with 0.1 mg of preservative-free morphine and 0.01 mg fentanyl. The sensory and motor blockades were assessed at 3, 6, and 9… CONTINUE READING