Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves early posttransplant islet function.

  title={Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves early posttransplant islet function.},
  author={Naoaki Sakata and Nathaniel K Chan and Robert P Ostrowski and John Chrisler and Pete Hayes and Sonny Kim and Andre Obenaus and John H Zhang and Eba H. Hathout},
  journal={Pediatric diabetes},
  volume={11 7},
OBJECTIVE This study investigates the therapeutic potential of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) in reducing hypoxia and improving engraftment of intraportal islet transplants by promoting angiogenesis. METHODS Diabetic BALB/c mice were transplanted with 500 syngeneic islets intraportally and received six consecutive twice-daily HBO treatments (n = 9; 100% oxygen for 1 h at 2.5 atmospheres absolute) after transplantation. Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE MRI) was used… CONTINUE READING