Hyperbaric oxygen reduces cerebral blood flow by inactivating nitric oxide.

  title={Hyperbaric oxygen reduces cerebral blood flow by inactivating nitric oxide.},
  author={Ivan T Demchenko and Albert E. Boso and Peter R. Bennett and A. Richard Whorton and Claude A. Piantadosi},
  journal={Nitric oxide : biology and chemistry},
  volume={4 6},
Based on recent evidence that nitric oxide (NO(.)) is involved in hyperoxic vasoconstriction, we tested the hypothesis that decreases in NO(.) availability in brain tissue during hyperbaric oxygen (HBO(2)) exposure contribute to decreases in regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF). rCBF was measured in rats exposed to HBO(2) at 5 atmospheres (ATA) and correlated with interstitial brain levels of NO(.) metabolites (NO(X)) and production of hydroxyl radical ((.)OH). Changes in rCBF were also… CONTINUE READING
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