Hyperandrogenism alters intraovarian parameters during early folliculogenesis in mice.

  title={Hyperandrogenism alters intraovarian parameters during early folliculogenesis in mice.},
  author={Denise Belgorosky and Valeria Anal{\'i}a Sander and Mar{\'i}a Paula Di Yorio and Alicia Graciela Faletti and Alicia Beatriz Motta},
  journal={Reproductive biomedicine online},
  volume={20 6},
This study aimed to investigate how hyperandrogenism affects early folliculogenesis. Hyperandrogenism was induced in prepuberal female BALB/c mice by daily s.c. injection of dehydroepiandrosterone (60 mg/kg body weight in 0.1 ml sesame oil) for 10 consecutive days. Although hyperandrogenism increased the growth rate of primary follicles, it also increased ovarian oxidative stress (evaluated by the increase in lipid peroxidation, the decrease in superoxide dismutase activity and the fact that… CONTINUE READING


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