Hyperamylasemia, specific pancreatic enzymes, and hypoxanthine during recovery from diabetic ketoacidosis.

  title={Hyperamylasemia, specific pancreatic enzymes, and hypoxanthine during recovery from diabetic ketoacidosis.},
  author={Jens M\oller-Petersen and P. Thorgaard Andersen and N. Hj\orne and J\orn Ditzel},
  journal={Clinical chemistry},
  volume={31 12},
The contribution of the exocrine pancreas to hyperamylasemia in diabetic ketoacidosis was investigated by measuring total amylase, salivary and pancreatic isoamylases, cathodic trypsin-like immunoreactivity, and pancreatic lipase in 12 consecutive patients recovering from diabetic ketoacidosis. Hyperamylasemia was present in six of the patients [50%; expected incidence: 21.1-78.9% (95% confidence limits)]--in five with simultaneously increased activities of all three specific pancreatic enzymes… CONTINUE READING


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