Hyperaldosteronism in a cat with metastasised adrenocortical tumour.

  title={Hyperaldosteronism in a cat with metastasised adrenocortical tumour.},
  author={Ad Rijnberk and George Voorhout and Hans S. Kooistra and R J van der Waarden and Frederik J van Sluijs and Jooske Ijzer and Peter C. A. M. den Boer and W. P. H. de Boer},
  journal={The Veterinary quarterly},
  volume={23 1},
In a 12-year-old male shorthaired cat with attacks of hypokalaemic muscular weakness in spite of oral potassium supplementation, highly elevated plasma aldosterone concentrations in combination with low plasma renin activity pointed to primary hyperaldosteronism. Ultrasonography and computed tomography revealed a large left-sided adrenal tumour growing into… CONTINUE READING