Hyperaldosteronism: the internist's hypertensive disease.

  title={Hyperaldosteronism: the internist's hypertensive disease.},
  author={C Andrew Brown and Marshall J Bouldin and Joseph W Blackston and David N Duddleston and Jinna M Shepherd and Gilliam S Hicks},
  journal={The American journal of the medical sciences},
  volume={324 4},
Primary aldosteronism (PA) is a disorder typically characterized by resistant hypertension, hypokalemia, alkalosis and suppressed plasma renin activity, and excessive aldosterone production. A true estimate of the prevalence of the disorder is difficult to estimate because its detection is dependent on the awareness of the healthcare provider to the disorder, but it has generally been felt to be a rare occurrence. Its frequency of detection began to change when Hiramatsu suggested calculating… CONTINUE READING