HyperISGylation of Old World Monkey ISG15 in Human Cells

  title={HyperISGylation of Old World Monkey ISG15 in Human Cells},
  author={Els Pattyn and Annick Verhee and Isabel Uyttendaele and Julie Piessevaux and Evy Timmerman and Kris Gevaert and Jo{\"e}l Vandekerckhove and Frank Peelman and Jan Tavernier},
  journal={PLoS ONE},
  pages={11315 - 11323}
BACKGROUND ISG15 is an Ubiquitin-like protein, highly induced by Type I Interferons. Upon the cooperative activity of specific Ubiquitinating enzymes, ISG15 can be conjugated to its substrates. Increasing evidence points to a role for protein ISGylation in anti-viral and anti-tumoral defense. PRINCIPAL FINDINGS We identified ISG15 from Old World Monkeys (OWm) as a hyper-efficient protein modifier. Western blot analysis visualized more efficient conjugation of OWmISG15 relative to HuISG15 in… CONTINUE READING