Hyper-bent functions and cyclic codes

  title={Hyper-bent functions and cyclic codes},
  author={Claude Carlet and Philippe Gaborit},
  journal={International Symposium onInformation Theory, 2004. ISIT 2004. Proceedings.},
The class of bent functions has strong properties and its elements are rare. It contains a subclass of functions which properties are still stronger and which elements are still rarer. Youssef and Gong have proved the existence of such hyper-bent functions in (A. M. Youssef et al. 2001), for every even n. We show that the hyper-bent functions they exhibit are exactly those elements of the well-known /spl Pscr//spl Sscr//sub ap/ class, up to the linear transformations x /spl rarr/ /spl delta/x… CONTINUE READING