Hyper-accreting Black Holes and Gamma-ray Bursts

  title={Hyper-accreting Black Holes and Gamma-ray Bursts},
  author={Robert G. Popham and Stan Woosley and Chris L. Fryer},
A variety of current models for gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) suggest a common engine a black hole of several solar masses accreting matter from a disk at a rate 0.01 to 10 M ⊙ s. Using a numerical model for relativistic disk accretion, we have studied steady-state accretion at these high rates. Outside about 10 cm, the disk is advection dominated; energy released by dissipation is carried in by the optically thick gas and the disk does not cool. Interior to this radius, for accretion rates greater… CONTINUE READING
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ApJ, in preparation

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