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Hymenochaete ( Hymenochaetales , Basidiomycota ) in China 7 . H . cana sp . nov . and H . denticulata New to China

  title={Hymenochaete ( Hymenochaetales , Basidiomycota ) in China 7 . H . cana sp . nov . and H . denticulata New to China},
  author={Shuang-Hui He},
Hymenochaete cana, collected from Guangxi Autonomous Region, southern China, is described as new to science, based on morphological and molecular evidence from combined ITS and nLSU rDNA sequence data. It is similar to H. nanospora, H. unicolor and H. indica, but they can be easily distinguished. Hymenochaete denticulata collected from the same region is newly recorded in China, and this is the first report outside its type locality, R union Island in the Indian Ocean. Illustrations… 

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