Hygienic conditions in ancient Rome and modern London.

  title={Hygienic conditions in ancient Rome and modern London.},
  author={Lord Amulree},
  journal={Medical History},
  pages={244 - 255}
  • L. Amulree
  • Published 1 July 1973
  • History
  • Medical History
EDWIN CHADWICK, acting on first principles only, outlined a programme for the improvement in the health of the public in the mid-nineteenth century-he claimed that: 'the primary and most important measures, and at the same time the most practical, and within the recognised province of public administration, are drainage, the removal of all refuse from habitations, streets and roads and the improvement of supplies of water'.' How was it that these principles, which were well known in the… 
Death, disposal and the destitute : the burial of the urban poor in Italy in the late Republic and early Empire
Recent studies of Roman funerary practices have demonstrated that these activities were a vital component of urban social and religious processes. These investigations have, however, largely
Public Heath in Colonial and Post-Colonial Ghana: Lesson-Drawing for The Twenty-First Century
This research seeks to analyse the public health system in the colonial era so as to draw basic lessons for twenty-first century Ghana and Richard Rose's lesson-drawing approach was used to draw the lessons.
The Historical Development of Sewers Worldwide
Although there is evidence of surface-based storm drainage systems in early Babylonian and Mesopotamian Empires in Iraq (ca. 4000–2500 BC), it is not until after ca. 3000 BC that we find evidence of
Impact of Human Waste Management on the estimation of Ancient Maya Population
The population of ancient Maya has been estimated traditionally by multiplying the number of discovered household mounds and the assumed number of persons per household in a given transect of an
Lord Amulree (1900–83): The Indefatigable Advocate of Older Persons
  • M. Denham
  • Medicine
    Journal of medical biography
  • 2006
Lord Amulree was an outstanding advocate of geriatric medicine in the United Kingdom and is best remembered for his maxim of Adding Life to Years not Years to Life.
Lord Amulree: an appreciation.
Lord Amulree was unique amongst UK geriatricians in having a 'wide angled' view of the care of elderly people. This resulted from his work at the Ministry of Health, his clinical commitments and his
A short historical overview on the use of lead
This historical introduction to the use of lead in art and technology was originally written to give context to lead conservation studies by the authors. The intention is to bring many rel- evant
Las condiciones higiénico-sanitarias en las ciudades europeas: introducción al análisis
Este artículo constituye un intento de analizar brevemente las condiciones higiénico - sanitarias en las ciudades europeas. Diferente del concepto contemporáneo de higiene que poseían los


The Evolution of Hospitals in Britain
The scope of the book is comprehensive, although the details of examining the eye, ear, nose, heart and lungs are not included, and inclusion of such topics as mammography, cardiac surgery, external cardiac compression, and techniques for taking cytological smears acquaints the reader with recent advances.
The Evolution of Preventive Medicine
When you read more every page of this evolution of preventive medicine, what you will obtain is something great.
A Hundred Years ofMedicine
  • 1936
A Hundred Years ofMedicine
  • A Hundred Years ofMedicine
  • 1936
179. 5. ftoNmNus, De Aquis Urbis Romae
  • 179. 5. ftoNmNus, De Aquis Urbis Romae
Description of the City of London ..., translated from the Latin original by Samuel Pegge
  • Description of the City of London ..., translated from the Latin original by Samuel Pegge
  • 1772