Hydroxytyrosol acyl esters: biosynthesis and activities.

  title={Hydroxytyrosol acyl esters: biosynthesis and activities.},
  author={Zouhaier Bouallagui and Mohamed Bouaziz and Salwa Lassoued and Jean Marc Engasser and Mohamed Ghoul and Sami Sayadi},
  journal={Applied biochemistry and biotechnology},
  volume={163 5},
We previously reported the production of high yields of hydroxytyrosol through the bioconversion of tyrosol. In the present work, hydroxytyrosol was subjected to the lipase catalyzed acylation aiming for the recovery of more lipophilic esters that might be easily incorporated in cosmetic and food preparations. Hydroxytyrosyl acetate and hydroxytyrosyl oleate were produced with respective molar esterification yields of 98% and 78%. DPPH free radical quenching potency demonstrated that the… CONTINUE READING


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