Hydroxynybomycin: isolation, structure and bioactivity.

  title={Hydroxynybomycin: isolation, structure and bioactivity.},
  author={Alex M. Nadzan and Kenneth L. Jun. Rinehart and Walter T. Sokolski},
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Palladium-Catalyzed Reductive Aminocarbonylation of Benzylammonium Triflates with o-Nitrobenzaldehydes for the Synthesis of 3-Arylquinolin-2(1H)-ones.

A palladium-catalyzed straightforward procedure for the synthesis of 3-arylquinolin-2(1H)-ones has been developed, obtained in moderate to good yields with very good functional group compatibility.

Palladium-catalyzed carbonylative cyclization of benzyl chlorides with anthranils for the synthesis of 3-arylquinolin-2(1H)-ones.

An efficient carbonylative procedure for the synthesis of 3-arylquinoin-2(1H)-ones has been established. Through a palladium-catalyzed aminocarbonylation of benzyl chlorides with anthranils, a

Structure Determination, Functional Characterization, and Biosynthetic Implications of Nybomycin Metabolites from a Mining Reclamation Site-Associated Streptomyces.

This work highlights an alternative nybomycin production strain, a small set of new nyBomycin metabolites, and previously unknown functions of rubromycins (antifungal activity and inhibition of tail regeneration) and also provides a basis for revision of the previously proposed ny bomycin biosynthetic pathway.

Synthesis of 3-substituted quinolin-2(1H)-ones via the cyclization of o-alkynylisocyanobenzenes.

A facile synthesis of various functionalized 3-substituted quinolin-2(1H)-ones through Ag(i) nitrate-catalyzed cyclization of o-alkynylisocyanobenzenes is described. The reaction allows rapid and

Nouveau composé doté d'une activité antibactérienne

La presente invention concerne un compose ou un sel correspondant represente par la formule generale (I) dote d'une forte activite antibacterienne contre des bacteries ayant developpe une resistance

Facile and efficient synthesis of quinolin-2(1H)-ones via cyclization of penta-2,4-dienamides mediated by H2SO4.

A facile and efficient synthesis of substituted quinolin-2(1H)-ones is developed via intramolecular cyclization of penta-2,4-dienamides mediated by concentrated H(2)SO(4) (98%), and a mechanism

Pseudonocardians A–C, New Diazaanthraquinone Derivatives from a Deap-Sea Actinomycete Pseudonocardia sp. SCSIO 01299

Three new diazaanthraquinone derivatives, along with a previously synthesized compound deoxynyboquinone, were produced by the strain SCSIO 01299, a marine actinomycete member of the genus Pseudonocardia, isolated from deep-sea sediment of the South China Sea, and exhibited potent cytotoxic activities against three tumor cell lines.



Deoxynybomycin from a streptomyces.

Characteristics of the strain, production, isolation, properties of this antibiotic, and the structural determination are reported.

Nybomycin. VII. Preparative routes to nybomycin and deoxynybomycin.

Nybomycin. 3. A revised structure.