Hydroxylation of 10-deoxoartemisinin by Cunninghamella elegans.

  title={Hydroxylation of 10-deoxoartemisinin by Cunninghamella elegans.},
  author={I. Parshikov and K. M. Muraleedharan and B. Miriyala and M. Avery and J. Williamson},
  journal={Journal of natural products},
  volume={67 9},
The microbial metabolism of 10-deoxoartemisinin (1), a derivative of the antimalarial drug artemisinin, was investigated. Various strains of fungi were investigated for their ability to transform 1. Of these microorganisms, only Cunninghamella elegans was capable of transforming 1 to 5beta-hydroxy-10-deoxoartemisinin (2), 4alpha-hydroxy-1,10-deoxoartemisinin (3), and 7beta-hydroxy-10-deoxoartemisinin (4). The metabolites 2 and 4 retained an intact peroxide group and are therefore useful… Expand
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